Are you looking for a place to sharpen your skills?

The skills taught in our literacy, ESOL and citizenship classes help new immigrants acquire knowledge for self-sufficiency in the United States.  Our approach has a strong focus on conversational English, giving our clients the tools to become civically engaged.  In the process, we also provide a pathway for our clients to sustainable and stable employment, since they need English-speaking skills to find work and build their lives in the United States.  Overall, the classes give participants the means to self-sufficiency and civic engagement. 

HCUT in partnership with For The Children Inc offers the following services:

English literacy/ESOL
Citizenship class
Computer literacy/Repair
Assistance with immigration papers
Translation of documents from French to English/Creole
Interpretation in court or other offices
Letter writing
Phone calls to link client to appropriate services
Parenting classes for those  with children 0-7 years of age
Assistance with food stamp application/ACCES

If you are facing with these Issues please call Bob at
561-255-4445 anytime.

 Detain by Immigration for legal documents
Police brutality/harassment
Domestic violence
Child abuse/neglect
Homeless etc.